Sarah M.,

Brooklyn, NY

"Sarah has so much natural ability to listen graciously, to empathize, to take scattered ideas and hand them back to you so they feel organized and sensical. I was talking about my anxiety and shame spiral around some negative behaviors, and then we were breathing together, my phone on speaker, and her counting out the breaths. It probably took less than a minute. But it so powerfully reminded me how I could step out of the stream of anxiety spin and ground myself with something that would put me right here, right now. That’s one of her strengths as a coach. She knows so many strategies—and they come to her in such an organic way—that whatever you’re struggling with she has a suggestion for. But I also just really can’t overstate this idea of her helping me become me, in my most empowered, brave way. It’s hard to talk about this stuff without sounding so barfy woo-woo, but seriously—it’s like Sarah helped me evolve into more of the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to be: vibrant, courageous, and confident. And of course, whenever I would tell her this she would demure: No, it was all you."

Catherine M.,

Los Angeles, CA

"I've been practicing with Sarah for 5 years now and I can—without a doubt—say that she's my favorite yoga and wellness teacher. Her expertise on the subject, paired with her enormous heart, make for incredible sessions. It's clear she deeply cares for her students' well being, in and outside of class. After practice, I always feel lighter and more at peace; I've definitely come to Sarah's sessions to quiet my mind and they provide the perfect escape (especially after a long day)."

Linda M.,

Manhattan Beach, CA

"I have taken private lessons from Sarah for over two years.  When I started, I told her that if she pushed me too hard, I would run away and never do yoga again. Sarah thought about what I said and created a plan that was perfect for me! Two years later, I am doing things that I never thought would be possible. Sarah helped me realize that I could do more both physically and mentally.  On a side note, I also started a business while learning with Sarah. Without Sarah’s guidance, I really don’t think that I would have confidence to start my own business at 52 years old. Sarah is a very special person who will definitely help you grow in this journey called life!"