Live Life From the Inside Out

A Yoga & Wellness Retreat from the Comfort of Home

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Do you ever wish you felt more connected to your intuition, purpose, and wisdom of the inner world? If so, this seven week at-home retreat is for you. Combining the ancient practices of yoga & meditation with the modern science of spiritual wellness, we will tap into the wisdom of the body, using the chakras (our spiritual energy centers) as our guide, to find more harmony, clarity, and freedom in our body, mind, and heart. You will experience most of healing benefits of a retreat (at a fraction of the cost!) from the comfort of your living room.

What's Included:

  • Weekly meet-up calls for 7 weeks, which include guided meditations, coaching practices, discussion and reflection

  • A digital journal with weekly exercises to tap into your intuition and inner knowing

  • Private Facebook accountability group for resource sharing, community building, and connection with your retreat tribe

  • 1-month access code to Sarah's online yoga classes through Yoga Anytime, including links to classes associated with each week's theme

  • Special guest teachers with expertise in specific chakra areas

  • A 1:1 coaching session with Sarah

Your Host

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Sarah is a yoga teacher, holistic wellness coach, and writer based in Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her masters degree at Columbia University, Spirituality Mind Body Institute. She hopes to inspire others to overcome self-imposed limitations, helping them to uncover their individual truths and become the best versions of themselves.

The carefully crafted alchemy of lecture, learning, and experiential engagement has been an essential tool in allowing me to delve further into my own spiritual practice. I believe {Body Wisdom} to truly be a blessing for any and all who seek to venture the sacred path of growth and healing, and wish to live mindfully aligned with the soul.
— Natalie Rhyne, Redondo Beach, CA

Our Itinerary


week one

In our first week together, we explore practices to feel grounded and rooted while exploring self-care techniques including implementing a Ayurvedic morning routine.


week two

What gets in the way of your wildest and most authentic creativity? This week is all about removing creativity blocks and taping into your most creative self.


week three

Where do you wish you felt more confident in your life? We look at practices to enhance willpower, confidence, and a strong sense of self.



week four

It is hard to fully love others until we can love ourselves. We explore a loving kindness meditation practice and practices to enhance self-love and compassion.


week five

This week we look at practices for more effective communication and ways that you can radically and thoughtfully speak your truth.


week six

Gain connection to the power of your intuition. We explore practices to clear what is blocking your from your innermost guidance.


week seven

In our last week together, we explore what it means to trust in a power greater than ourselves.

It’s hard to talk about this stuff without sounding so barfy woo-woo, but seriously—it’s like Sarah helped me evolve into more of the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to be: vibrant, courageous, and confident.
— Sarah M., Brooklyn, NY

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